I am an Ultra Runner, a World Athletics Certified Youth Coach and an Avid Traveler.

My aim is to make athletics a part and parcel of every kid. Children have a huge potential of becoming a great athlete, my job as a coach is to give a helping hand to them by identifying their talent, enhancing their skills and by improving their shortcomings. 

About World Athletics Certification:

The CECS Level 1 Coaches Course is an initiative of World Athletics Federation, and in India, it was organised by Athletics Federation of India.
It was a 12 days course, which taught us how the scenario of coaching has changed over the past few years. It not only cleared so many myths about training, but also provided a detailed knowledge about how to train people, especially kids, while keeping their long term development in mind.

The main focus of the course was athletics, which includes events related to Run, Jump and Throw. We got to learn the correct technique of all these events in addition to how to teach them to kids or to any individual.

World Athletics Certification
With Coaches and Fellow Participants

My Achievements:

Below are few of my achievements:
1) Jawadhu-Hills Ultra 2017 (25Km Category): First Runner-up
2) Chennai Triathlon 2017, Chennai (Olympic Category): Winner
3) 36 Hour Stadium Run 2018, Bangalore (Category: 12-hour relay run, mixed team (4
men, 2 women)): Result: Team winner
Individual: I was first Runner-up
4) SRT Ultra Trail run 2018, Pune (25 km Category): Winner
5) Vagamon Ultra Trail run 2019, Kerala (60km Category): 4th Place
6) Sinhagad Epic Trail run 2019, Pune (22 km Category): Winner
7) SRT Ultra Trail run December 2019, Pune (53 km Category): 4th Place

In addition to this, I organize fitness boot-camps for corporate firms.
I organize online training sessions for groups as well as for individuals, focusing on their requirements. It could be weight loss or general fitness.

How to train with me:

If you are looking forward to start your fitness and running journey, please feel free to drop me an email with your details and your goals. I will love to help you in your journey.

My email address is: yash.panjrey3008@gmail.com

You can follow me on Facebook and Instagram as well.