Core Stability – Part 3

In this article,the focus will be more on enhancing the stability in our body. Once we master the exercises on a flat and little uneven surface, we can move on to next step. Now we further reduce the point of contact and introduce another highly unstable surface. These exercises will not only magnify the ability to stabilise our body, but also help us understand our body better.

This is the third part of stability series. If you have not read the previous two parts, I would recommend you to please read them first. It will give you an idea about the basics and importance of stability. Below are the links for both of them:

The two objects that we are going to use are Slant Board and Swiss Ball.

I first read about the slant board in the book “The Cool Impossible”, written by the world-renowned coach Mr Eric Orton. All the slant board exercises mentioned here are learnt from this book only.

Before performing the exercises, keep these things in mind:

  1. Perform these exercises barefoot
  2. Balance yourself on the ball of the foot
  3. Use your big toe to balance yourself

Below are three exercises with different foot placements:

  • Single leg-hold with uphill position:
  • Single leg-hold with downhill position:
  • Single leg-hold with forward position:

These exercises will work on isometric strength of your legs. These will make you more aware how your foot reacts to different positions. Especially when you are on your forefoot with heel raised.

Now we move on to some swiss ball workouts. Here we are talking about balancing our body on a swiss ball in different positions. These are few of the pretty advanced workouts and work superbly for your whole-body coordination. These do not work on a single body parts, but the whole body and help in enhancing the stability. We must be highly aware about the centre of gravity of our body which is the key to balance ourselves on a ball.

  • Four-point contact
  • Three-point contact
  • Two-point contact
  • Trying out different variations
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