Pre-Workout Warmup

Before starting any workout, it is important to make our body ready for it. In order to do that, an effective Pre-workout warmup routine is a must. An effective warm up routine is the one, which mobilizes every joint and stretches almost every muscle of the body.

Stretches in a Pre-Workout Warm up are always dynamic. It means, we do not hold any stretch for more than 2 seconds. Throughout the Warm up, our body should be in motion. After the warmup, our body will feel light and free.

Let us see how does a perfect Pre-Workout warm up look in the below video.

Let us now talk about the benefits of warmup:

  • Improves blood circulation: A pre-workout warm up improves the blood circulation by raising the temperature of the body. This way your body feels ready for the physical activities.
  • Removes tightness from our muscles: Before starting any workout, it is important that muscles move freely. There should not be any tightness in them. So we can perform our workout easily.
  • Motor unit recruitment: Through warm up, we engage almost all the muscles in our body. This engagement of muscles, is termed as motor unit recruitment. This makes them aware that they are going to be used. It gives our body a sense of readiness for any activity.
  • Improves flexibility: An effective pre-workout warmup removes any kind of rigidity from our muscles. This reduces the rate of cramps too.
  • Prevents us from injuries: With the combination of above-mentioned benefits, warmup prevents us from injuries.

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