Stability Workout – Part 1

Stability is one of the most important and often neglected aspect of fitness. It refers to the ability of our body to hold its constant position and control its movement. It is of utmost importance that we focus on stability before gaining strength or any other fitness ability.

All the smaller muscles in our body have the responsibility to stabilise it. We can train these small muscles by controlled movements. Whenever we plan to work on any fitness regime, it would be great if we first focus on small controlled exercises. Once we have enough stability in our body, we will be able to perform every exercise in a much better way. It will also reduce the chance of getting injured.

Below are few of the exercises which will help you gain the stability:

  • Single leg balance: Lift one leg and try to maintain the balance on another leg. The moment we lift one leg, the other one has to do extra work in terms of load balancing in order to prevent our body from falling.
  • Single leg balance with eyes closed: Closing our eyes, poses one extra challenge of being completely unaware of the surrounding. Our mind and muscles become extra aware and active to stabilise the body.
  • Single leg balance with body movements: In this, we purposefully give extra challenge to the body and gradually increase the movement rate and pattern
  • Taad aasan: Now we are gradually reducing the point of contact and increasing the challenge. Try this with closed eyes as well to further increase the complexity.
  • Taad Aasan on single leg:
  • Chair Pose leg reaches:

To further increase the complexity and intensity, we can perform above exercises on an uneven surface. For example, stability disk or even a mattress.

Below are few examples that you can try:

Although the primary focus of above exercises will be on lower body, but it will affect our upper body as well. Whole body needs to work in synchronisation, in order to be balanced.

In my next article, I will be focusing more on the upper body stabilisation.

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