Stability Workout – Part 2

This article will focus mainly on the core stability. Our core consists of 25 pairs of muscles and many of them are present deep inside the abdominal wall. They provide support and help us keep our body straight. In other words, core stability is the foundation for building a strong upper body.

If you haven’t read my first article on stability, I would recommend you to read that. It explains the importance of stable body and how it can affect our training for other fitness activities like agility, speed, and strength etc.

Read that article here:

Below are few basic exercises with which you can start:

  • High Plank hold: Maintain neutral spine position, keep your belly button tucked in and squeeze your glutes. This will make sure that the impact does not go to your lower back. It will also work as a good isometric strength workout for your arms and to some extent, legs as well.
  • High Plank side hold: Major focus shifts to obliques as they have to work harder now to keep the body straight.
  • Low plank: Focuses on same areas as high plank, with increased intensity.
  • Side low plank: Focuses on same areas as high plank side hold, with increased intensity.
  • Side plank knee drives: Further strengthens our obliques as we are now introducing a dynamic movement.
  • Naukaasan/Boat hold:
  • Poorna Naukaasan/Hollow Body  hold:

Please remember to do Vipreet Naukaasan/Opposite Boat hold after performing above 2 holds.

  • Ardh Halaasan/90 degree leg hold: This one looks very simple and easy, but trust me, it will burn your upper abs like anything.

Try these aasans/holds for 20 sec in the beginning and gradually move up-to 60 sec or even longer duration.

These are the basic holds that one should be able to perform before moving on to the advanced exercises to strengthen the core. You will realise, it is much easier to work on strengthening once you practice these holds properly.

Core strengthening is such a vast topic that I have written a different article to show you few advanced stability exercises, using some props like stability disc and swiss ball. You can read that article here:

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