Top Trail Running Events In India

Top Trail Running Events In India

Trail running in India is on boom. Year after year, the number of people who are participating in trail running events in India is increasing. Runners are leaving the concrete jungles and enjoying the bliss of hills, meadows and mountains. This article is your quick guide to know what all major trails running events are there in India and what you can expect out of them.

1. Malnad Ultra:

This event attracts a large number of runners every year. This is one of the best events for those who want to experience the world of trail running for the first time. It offers you runnable trails with some picturesque landscape. Be prepared to experience a chilly morning start and a hot and humid finish. The event has the honour of being part of Asia trail master qualifying race in India.

Check the Malnad Ultra here.

2. WGRF:

Western Ghats Running Foundation offers two races in a calender year. The SRT Ultra, which takes you throught the beautiful trails and hills of Sinhagad, Rajgad and Torna forts, and promises you some tough time out there. You climb three of the most famous forts in Maharashtra, all three have a rich history and have recently been recognised as a part of World Heritage site by UNESCO. Be prepared to hike, crawl and walk through some very steep traverses. It happens every year in the second weekend of December. 
The second one is The Sinhagad Epic Trail race. It explores the Sinhagad for in much detail and gives you the feel of a sky race.
Check the WGRF here.

3. Vagamon Ultrail:

This event is organised by a group, Soles of Cochin. Fondly called the Scotland of Asia, Vagamon is a hill station with beautiful valleys, meadows and tea estates. But do not let these beautiful words fool. Because when you plan to cross all these places at once within a cutoff time, these places don’t feel as beautiful  as they sound.
PC: Vagamon Ultrail Site

4. Hell Race:

This organisation hosts a series of races across India, and has a witty race director. Every event offers a unique challenge. Solang sky ultra is one of their most famous events. It happens on the second weekend of October. In addition to the technical trails and steep elevation gains, you have to be prepared to face the altitude effects. The highest point of the route reaches beyond 4000 m.
Other events organised by them are:
   • The Great Himalayan running festival
   • The Budha trails
   • The Border
   • The Red stone ultra
Hell Race
PC: Hell Race Site

5. Jumping Gorilla:

This organisation has gained good popularity in a very short time among trail runners in India. All three of their events let you run on a 100% trail route. The Jumping Gorilla trial running championship is their most prominent event and attracts hundreds of runners from across the country. It happens in the second weekend of January. Don’t be fooled by the cool January morning because it gets hot and humid as the race progresses.
Jumping Gorilla
PC: Jumping Gorilla Site

6. Bison Ultra:

The event is organised by Coach Kay in the hills of Yercaud. The race is named after, you guessed it right, the great Indian Bisons. The 50k route is 2/3 runnable trail and 1/3 road. If you are more into road ultras then you can try Ooty Ultra organised by same organiser.
To know more about these events read my race reports here:
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