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Gurudwara Fatehgarh Sahib

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Free of Cost


It is around 4 km from Railway station, you can take an auto or book a cab, which will cost you around Rs 50 – Rs 70 and drop you at the main gate of the fort. Surprisingly, it is only around 2 km if you chose to go by walking.

The distance is 12 km from the airport and again you will have to either book a cab or take an auto.

The public transport is not that good in Gwalior so you will have to rely mostly on the private buses or autos which operate on the fixed routes. I found the rates of these private transports fairly reasonable as compared to other major cities I have visited.

Gujari Mahal:

                For Indians: Rs 20

                For Foreigners: Rs 200

Karan and Vikram Mahal:

                For Indians: Rs 40 (payment via card) / Rs 50 if you give cash

                For Foreigners: Rs 400 / Rs 500

Raja Man Singh Palace:

                For Indians: Rs 20

                For Foreigners: Rs 200


If you use public transport, then you’ll first have to reach Nashik from wherever you are on Earth. Take a bus from Nashik to Trimbakeshwar (famous for its jyotirlinga temple). From here there is no public transport to the trekking area, you will have to book an auto for the base village, Harshewadi, which is around 12 km from Trimbakeshwar.

If you are going on your own, then put Harshewadi Village in Google maps and you are good to go.

A ₹10 fee is charged by the forest department for this trek and you’ll get a receipt for that.

GANGTOK: Guide to planning your travel

Delhi to Bagdogra: Both direct and connected flights are available and can be booked at quite reasonable rates if booked well in advance.
Bagdogra to Gangtok:
Distance: 125km
Travel time: 4hrs 30min to 5 hrs
Both SUVs and hatchbacks are available at the airport. Since it is a hilly area so the time taken for this journey would be more than you would expect. 
After reaching Bagdogra airport you will have to take a taxi till Gangtok.
SUV will charge you around ₹3500.
The hatchback will charge you in between ₹2500-₹3000.
For other expenses, kindly read the full blog, you will get a better idea.


If you are planning to go by public transport then you will first have to reach the nearest railway station, Panvel, from there you will get regular autos to Durg’s parking. From parking, you walk up for 3kms to the base village and start the actual trek. Along the way, you’ll have places to eat and stay.

If you are going by your own vehicle then put “Kalavantin Durg Parking” in Google maps or click here.

All of these three share the common starting point.


₹50/person and you have to make an entry in the register while going up and coming back. This fee will work for all the three forts.